The Muses, by Thalia Took; ©1995; used with permission from the artist

In Dedication to the Mousai

Sing, O Mousai
O knowledge lost
Of knowledge gained
Sing of the old ways
And their rightful life
In the hearts
And in the minds
Of civilized man.
We sing to you
Holiest Kleiô, Kalliopê, Ouraniê,
Polyhymnia, Melpomenê
Loveliest Eratô, Euterpê
Terpsikhorê, Thaleia
A song of praise
To dedicate this storage
Of knowledge old and new,
May you guide it to the minds,
And to the hearts
Of those who seek to praise
The greatest of all pantheons

Hellenistai Wiki

Wiki is an acronym for "What I know is..." -- in this case, "what I know is" Hellenic Polytheism. This wiki is maintained by a relatively small (but growing) group of Hellenic polytheists, including both reconstructionists / traditionalists and those who have adopted a more "NeoPagan" method of worship to define certain terms, concepts, and other such things for the small but growing community of Hellenic polytheists.

Please source your information where and whenever possible (both books and web-based sources are acceptable).

Extra special thanks to the effort in the 2010 Mouseia cyber-agon! The next Mouseia won't be until 2015 CE, so feel free to volunteer!

Also feel free to join The Hellenistai Forum!

PLEASE read the editing guidelines before creating or editing any new pages!

Progress Report

2012-12-27: I apologise, but due to problems updating the MediaWiki software on the privately-hosted site, this Wiki has moved (at least temporarily) to Wikia. I'm sorry that the wiki was unuseable for SO LONG, but every time I tried to fix things, things that promised to be automated FFS, I kept realising how little I know about the software. I'm getting what pages that I can off the Digital Archive Wayback Machine, and I'm having a friend try and fix the Wiki on my own site, but I'm not counting on that. OddModOut (talk) 06:32, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

2010-09-20: due to an influx of trolling, Anonymous edits are no longer permitted. Please create an account if you wish to edit and create pages. --YoungSoulRebel 06:06, 20 September 2010 (UTC)

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